About Tracie

I began my journey into pregnancy, birth, motherhood and family life several years ago. Over the years my fascination with family and birth has grown and expanded.  My own varied birth experiences (hospital with interventions, hospital with natural child birth, home birth, and home birth transfer) allow me to offer a varied understanding of how birthing parents are feeling and what they might want in many different situations.

My journey working with expectant families began after the birth of my oldest son at home.  The amazing circle of women who supported and guided my family and I through our third birth journey was an amazing and transformative experience.  I knew right after my son’s water birth that I had found my path, sharing that support with other families. I completed my Birth Doula training with DONA international and began attending births soon after.  My experiences with my own HypnoBirths led me to become a Certified HypnoBirthing Practitioner that same year and ultimately a Certified Hypnotherapist. Prior to beginning my work with birthing families, I was fortunate to work with two amazing Hypnotherapists.  Though hypnosis for birth might not be the choice that every mom wants;  I believe that the deep relaxation techniques and grounding and centering philosophies that this work has instilled in me only enhance my doula work with all birthing families whatever classes or method they might be utilizing to achieve their family’s ideal birth experience.

Each birth is unique to each special family giving birth.  It is a blessing to accompany and support families on their journey through pregnancy and birth.  Sharing knowledge and options to expectant parents during childbirth education, supporting families as a birth doula or helping mothers and families to achieve their goals through hypnotherapy. This is not a job or career, it is a passion.  I thoroughly enjoy meeting birthing couples, hearing their stories and working closely with both partners to help achieve their ideal birth.  To date I have been blessed to attend over 500 births and continue to enjoy working with select couples each month.  I do not attend births every month of the year, I try to find balance between this calling and my family of four wonderful children with my Husband of over 20 years. Contact me directly to see what my availability might be for your birthing due date.

I look forward to meeting you and being a part of your incredible Journey through Pregnancy and Birth and Beyond.



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