Doula Services

A Doula is a non-clinical support person for the pregnant and laboring mother and her partner. During pregnancy she assists with preparation and education. During labor and delivery she gives emotional, physical and experienced support. In the immediate postpartum, a Doula assists with breastfeeding and bonding so that new parents can establish confidence knowing that they have help if they need it and that their space and time with their new baby is protected and sacred.  A doula works closely with both partners through the journey to help them achieve their ideal birth, whatever that might be.  She brings to their birth journey her own knowledge, insight and experience to help smooth the path for them and bring about a more satisfying and emotionally enriching experience.

A Certified Doula (CD) has undergone extensive training in labor support as well as pregnancy, breastfeeding and childbirth education. She has been reviewed by doctors, nurses, and birthing parents. A certification board reviews all written accounts and papers to ensure she has achieved the standards required to become a Certified Doula. 

I take a limited number of birthing couples as doula clients each month and I tend to work with couples who are interested in working together with my help to welcome their baby into the world in a calm and gentle manner.  I work with couples in the hospital under OBGYN or CNM care and also at home or in a birth center setting with a Licensed Midwife.

Your ideal birth is special and unique to you.  If you feel that we might be a great doula/client match I would be happy to meet with you for a consultation to get to know each other better.

My wish as your Doula is to help make your journey through pregnancy, birth, and beyond……..simple.