Postpartum Doula Services

The “fourth trimester” or the three months following welcoming your baby into your lives can be overwhelming even to the most prepared of families.  Learning your baby’s personality, schedules, habits, wishes and rythms can become a full time job for both parents.  Having an experienced pair of hands to check in a few times per week can make all the difference in helping everyone in your home settle into the new normal.  Postpartum Doula support is vastly different from Birth Doula support.  Postpartum Doulas come to see you on a prearranged schedule a few times per week offering day, evening or night support.  We can do light cooking, light cleaning, help with baby while you nap, eat or shower.  We can additionally help with learning about your baby’s care, feeding, sleep and soothing.  Postpartum shifts are offered in four or six hour time slots and are scheduled depending on availability. These services are offered for the first three months after birth then on an as needed basis after that. Postpartum Doulas work hard to “work themselves out of a job”.  I have worked with many postpartum families over the years of my experience in different capacities as well as the experience of having my own four babies. My extensive lactation experience and training and can help keep an eye on baby’s weight gain and my experience of juggling four children can help with the organization and upkeep of your home life during this time of transition.


What I offer:

Tuesday/Thursday Mid-Morning shift:

I like to come in around 10:00 am and offer a four hour shift helping to get everyone fed, care for baby while your shower and get ready for your day. I can also help get food prepared and your house organized for the day.


Wednesday / Friday Evening shift:

I love to offer the evening shift as my primary option coming in to see you. I come in the evening close to dinner time, helping to get everyone fed, baby soothed through the fussiest time which is usually late evening.  Then I can help to get everyone settled into bed for the night.


My fee for services is $40.00 per hour.


Let me know what questions I can answer for you about my postpartum services